Friday, June 7, 2013


Although many nations are conducting surveillance of the internet and collecting information in other ways, especially on their own citizens and especially of groups they consider 'subversive', 'terrorist', 'rebel', 'student', 'political', 'extreme', 'religious', 'cultish', and the like, GLOBAL EXPANSION OF SURVEILLANCE has been recently increased and more is expected.

The UNITED STATES, RUSSIA, & CHINA are the top three in the lead to do this, that is, map out the flow of information of all kinds around the world and to intercept communications that they wish to examine more intently usually in terms  of 'NATIONAL SECURITY'.

Already, a reaction to some of this has  been stirred up around the world and those who have become aware of telephone records, in particular, being scrutinized, are concerned over issues of 'privacy' which has been defined and re-defined in many ways.

Some peoples are indifferent to this issue of privacy until they discover their records have been scrutinized, examined intensely and over a period of time, without their knowing such was going on. Although criminals and dictators alike are concerned, many dislike what in the US is called, 'government snooping'  an activity that has been done for decades if not for centuries since the US was founded.

WARTIME SPYING on subversive and sabotage groups is usually accepted and done without much fuss until it continues beyond wars and is extended into 'peace time' those sporadic breaks in the constantly warring world.

LEGAL PROCEDURES have been created for most government agencies in the US to conduct various operations, usually spying on potential threats to NATIONAL SECURITY, but also have been done for purely political reasons and for special reasons not always revealed until leaked out by the press or whistleblowers.

Several incidents of  leaks and privacy invasions, and related stories have fueled  interest in the public and business sectors and among some concerned citizens, groups, and corporations in these matters of  'privacy invasion(s)'.

The various similar problems and concerns in the rest of the world outside the US have also taken a few different directions but most of the nations that do show concern,  for whatever reasons they may give, are in all likelihood, pursuing policies and practices that enable them to access all types of information and records and share such information with their alliances and other governments with the same goals in mind ; CONTROLLING POPULATIONS ON A GLOBAL SCALE AND AT ALL LEVELS.

Friday, May 31, 2013


One of the many goals of the TOTAL SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY is the capturing of CRIMINAL EVENTS by SECURITY SYSTEMS. 

Currently, the capturing of 'criminal events' by most security systems, even those with alarm systems and elaborate safeguards, is long after the events since such is, at present, unable to DETECT CRIMINAL INTENT OR MOTIVE BEFORE SUCH CRIME HAPPENS or to set up IMMEDIATE APPREHENSIONS & PREVENTIONS AS THEY OCCUR!

For one thing, TECHNOLOGY IS ALWAYS MUCH MORE EFFICIENT THAN THOSE WHO USE IT OR OPERATE ,at least for now, until fully designed and practical software and other devices are 'perfected'...requiring an 'ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE that surpasses ordinary human intelligence and certainly that of  'the criminal classes', at least at the lowest levels and smallest scales.

Although many institutions and buildings and other venues are being monitored, scrutinized, and investigated along with other methods and means in place now, criminals and a few others are also at work, trying to advance and out maneuver police, security, government and military organizations and systems in an almost never-ending battle.

'THE WAR ON CRIME'; 'THE WAR ON TERRORISM' ; 'THE WAR ON DRUGS' and all the other 'WARS' nations are engaged  in or conducting are, in their present matters and theaters of  operation inefficient and will continue almost endlessly.. It is often a conflict with human nature as many tend to feel and think, considering that education ,religion ,psychology, and rehabilitations ,etc. are seldom working and often highly expensive and accomplish little even after decades of such efforts.

STATISTICS & PROBABILITY  may indicate PRECISE POINTS where crimes or criminal activity may occur and enable those charged with security and law enforcement to prevent crimes and to arrive on the scene when a crime is about to be committed.

ALREADY, such technological development is being planned and attempts to create working and efficient/effective systems are underway in various labs around the world.

Special systems that will enable to immediately identify culprits, such as, bombers and terrorists, etc. and that will be on a global basis are coming more and more in place. These systems will be   sharing all types of information garnered from what may now be called 'snail' information that delays quick assessments and evaluations.

ADDITIONALLY, mobility of units to capture and apprehend criminals will even be much swifter as they are organized and deployed within seconds possibly of  ' criminal event' of any kind.


Friday, August 12, 2011


Perhaps some of you have come upon this topic rather late in the day, but which has been around for some time waiting for improved,perhaps cheaper, and more extensive and intensive applications that now are being hailed by governments,police-military-security forces and agencies for actual use...their 'fight' on crime, among otehr activities that ought to concern various citizens of different countries around the world but probably will go by with just a whimper or two from the usual groups... The Technology among others,including DNA, allows INSTANT IDENTIFICATIONAL IMAGES OF ANYONE SUBJECTED TO IT, ANYWHERE, ANY PLACE, it would seem. Tthe IRIS, of course, is als read to diagnose certain medical and health issues and/or conditions by 'special' practitioners,but do not as yet, require this equipment.....but the practices these 'special' practitioners are akin to those who somewhat 'stare at goats' or who 'kill at a distance' or 'transfer thoughts,etc.' to others and so forth....all somewhat perhaps 'experiemental,but taken seriously enough by governments, including the US, who supply funds for this sort of 'research',etc. The detection of certain eye movements along with other 'body' language and 'cues' often reveal one's intentions or motives and even,as some claim,thoughts....all of which a subjects found in 'pyschic/psychological studies, of course, known for several centuries if you read the right literature on this.....


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Perhaps some of you have become aware of a recent 'experiment' a person underwent by having a camers installed on the back of his brain to view how the world looks from that perspective....if you haven't read anything about it....just think of a nation of 'camera-heads' walking around getting shots of your middle finger extended in the air behind them after they have discussed things with you.......these implants of special devices are small and somewhat obscure unless you look at them , so when people pass you take a look to see if they are taking your photo this way,etc.

Monday, October 18, 2010


In this day and age of rapid electronic communications and the growing trend of doing all possible things on-line, via e-mail, etc. and also that involve other kinds of activities,the concern for individual privacy and personal identification becomes a major problem in many ways.......all the steps one is advised to take to insure this, actually means giving up certain types of actual privacy and sharing more information than ever before....the result is NO PRIVACY IS ALLOWED because you and all you do are being tracked and you are under increasing methods and systems of surveillance, despite the statement that such is there FOR YOUR PROTECTION, FOR YOUR SAFETY, FOR YOUR HEALTH, TO PREVENT CRIMES,ETC.,ETC.ETC. The various police and military and related organizations, such as,hospitals, fire fighting, etc.and government agencies from tax bureaus to credit bureaus to banks,etc. all have monitoring facilities and software and various devices to monitor you in ways you seldom consider until you one day are caught or tripped up by such......even if what you do is perfectly legal and legitimate.....bear this in mind when you venture out....even in your own house, monitored by satellite and easily viewed with special sensing equipment and street videos,etc. you can be watched...and monitored....your computer in your house, for example can do this....perhaps even when shut off or shut down.....same for your car...they can tell if you are in your garage or on the road.....don't laugh this off completely.....more on this another time...


Modern society, whether in the East or the West, North or South, is rapidly developing and make intense use of various surveillance and tracting technologies for a number of reasons that may be cause for alarm among freedom loving peoples and those who resent intrusions into nearly very facet of life and into all kinds of activities, whether legal or illegal, moral or immoral,etc..... As more segments of the populations of the earth become covered and controlled by these policies and trends, the acceptance of a complete totalitarianism will take place eventually.....as it has sometimes taken roots in the past in various cultures and nations........A dependence on machines and other devices to make decisions for humans will insure this.....more to be said on this another time.....maybe....